Friday, December 1, 2017

The Sensual World - Canada Press Kit

This is easily my favourite version of the press kit for The Sensual World. It's certainly one of the more interesting ones as it gives greater insight into how an album was promoted in the consumer market - something you don't typically find inside of these things. It also comes in the same identical glossy picture folder as the Dutch and UK versions.

Inside the folder are the following:

Marketing Campaign Sheet: This includes a quick overview of the album, plus release and packaging info. There's also a rundown on some of the promotional tools to be used in shops to help push the album in the Canadian market. P.O.P. is an abbreviation for point of purchase, in case anyone was wondering about that.

Artist Profile Sheet: Little bit of a write up on Kate, the album, the marketing plan, as well as suggested retail prices for the album in all of its available forms at the time.

Lyric Sheet: Speaks for itself.

Sales Program: A two page sales program for Kate's back catalogue. The second page has badly xeroxed photos of cassette albums and spaces for inventory/orders.

Promotional Postcard: Also included is a promotional postcard, which I already posted a short while back on the Postcards Blog Page. Measuring 4" x 6" only a few of the press kits received one. Since only a handful of these press kits were made for the Canadian market, there aren't a lot of these postcards out there. It also doesn't appear to have been distributed through any other independent means that I'm aware of as I've never seen this one turn up anywhere else.

Publicity Photos: Two promo photos are also included. This press kit had anywhere from 1-3 photos inside. I already posted these on the Promotional Publicity Photographs Blog Page a little while back. While the photos are pretty familiar to people already, the Canadian version of these publicity photos are on the rare side as they don't tend to turn up very often.

And that's it.

*Most likely this will be my last new post of the year. December tends to be an exhaustively busy month for me, but I will be back sometime in the new year.

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