Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hounds of Love - UK Promotional Press Kit

The UK Promotional Press Kit for Hounds of Love tends to be a much more difficult one to come across these days, especially with its contents complete and its special tri-fold folder in pristine condition. The folder is flimsy to start with, so it tends to suffer the most wear and tear.

Even though I've taken all new scans, I've also kept three of my original photos from this post so that people can see how the folder opens. I've reposted them at the very end. As I mentioned a moment ago, the folder is a tri-fold one, which has the album cover art on the front. When you untie the ribbon and open this first flap of the folder, you get a large menu sized printing of the tracks on the flap underneath. When this flap is opened, you then reach the main part of the folder that contains everything.

Included are the following items:

Vinyl copy of Hounds of Love - This is just a standard release of the album and not a promo of any kind. The photos on the front and back of the album jacket have a special gloss finish though. The inner sleeve/lyric insert is the same and so are the record labels.

Hounds of Love insert - An original two-sided order form featuring select items for purchase through EMI, including the limited signed prints. The other side features Kate's back catalogue and the available formats.

3 Press Photos - The photos can vary slightly from press kit to press kit in terms of which ones are used, but all are HOL era ones. This is also randomly done.

Two page/four-sided press release - This includes a press release for the album, as well as other career related biographical facts.

And that's pretty much it. Here are three photos I originally had on this post so that you get a better idea about the folder and how it opens.

The sad reality is that condition is everything when it comes to things like this. When I found this one over 20+ years ago, the folder was in the same condition that you see now. It's not in good shape. It's acceptable, but not good. I've seen these folders in far worse shape than mine (practically destroyed), but I've also seen them in much better shape too. A press kit where the folder is in the same shape as mine (or worse) should not be selling for the same kind of money as one where the folder is in much better condition, even if the contents are complete and in pristine condition. This folder is a big part of it, so that does affect the condition.

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