Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Lioness At Heart - Box Set

This is one post that's long overdue for a proper update, so here it is.

This is an unofficial UK produced box set that was released by UFO Books in 1992. When I bought this new in 1992, there was a sticker on the packaging that said this box set was limited edition of 1,000 copies. However, unlike the Never For Ever box set that followed, this box set was never issued with any kind of limited edition number or certificate - which basically means all copies of this particular box set are unnumbered.

Everything is nicely packaged inside of this fantastic looking box that measures just over 12" x 12" with about a 1" depth to the box. The title of the box set can also be found on two sides of the lid. The back of the box is completely blank, so I never bothered to scan that in. The cover on this box set comes off completely, whereas on Never For Ever there is a built-in hinge to the cover on one side.
Inside the box you get several things. I scanned everything that I could, so I apologize if any of my scans are a bit wonky.

Item 1: Lionheart CD. Mine is still sealed to this day. It's just a Fame reissue, so I didn't see the point of opening it up.

Item 2: T-Shirt. To this day I have never worn this shirt and I try not to unfold it at all if possible, so it didn't scan so well. But honestly there isn't much to see anyway. It's just a plain white shirt with a facsimile of Kate's autograph near the left breast area.

Item 3: Postcard featuring the cover art and exclusive to this box set only.

Item 4: A Lioness At Heart book. This is a fantastic large format softcover book featuring loads of photographs by Gered Mankowitz. The book is also exclusive to this set only, and worth getting just for the book alone. Unfortunately, I can't scan the pages in as I would destroy the spine on the book making the attempt. However, I did take photos of each page a while back, which you can check out in my blog page right HERE.

Item 5: Poster. This is the third time I've ever unfolded it in all the years I've had it, and it's also going to be the last time that I do. So if this came out a bit wonky apologies. The poster measures nearly 17" x 24" so it's a fair sized poster.

As the original owner, I can tell you that this box set is complete. So if you do go looking for this one, be sure you're getting one that still has everything inside of it because not everything is listed on the front of the box and things do tend to go missing from second-hand copies. All copies of the box set also came with the t-shirt as it was originally listed on the sticker that was on the shrink wrap packaging... just so you know.

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