Official Convention Programmes

Here you will find convention programmes, along with some original tickets, mail outs, badges and other things. These convention events were official and were also organized through the Kate Bush Club/Homeground. 


Official four page convention programme, which was held on November 30th 1985 at the Dolphin Centre in Essex. The programme measures 11¾” x 8¼” and extended it measures 11¾” x 16½”.

The front of the programme features a nice photo of Kate. Inside, there's a write-up on Kate and a facsimile letter from Kate. The back page has another photo of Kate with club info for both the KBC and Homeground. Just to reiterate once more, the address for the Kate Bush Club is defunct and you won't get a response back if you try it. I'm fairly certain that the Homeground address is also defunct.

Mail out letter to members regarding the KBC/Homeground Convention for November 30, 1985. Originally, I had this letter posted in my Kate Bush Club blog page, but I decided to move it here instead.

I had to darken this up quite a bit as it's pretty faded and in rough shape. Anyway, this is an original, unused con ticket for the '85 Kate Convention. The back of the tickets were numbered and the corner of each ticket was clipped upon entry into the convention.


Official four page video party programme that was held on November 9, 1986 by the Kate Bush Club/Homeground at the Video CafĂ© on Argyll Street in London. The programme measures 11¾” x 8¼” and extended it measures 11¾” x 16½”.

The front of the programme, which has a gatefold opening, features a silhouette of Kate from The Big Sky video, along with the event name and date. The inside “flaps” of the gatefold have club addresses on one side, and a bit about Kate and The Whole Story on the other. The main inside page features a photo of Kate from 'The Whole Story', along with a facsimile message. The back features an early EMI promo shot of Kate from 1977.

Also included here is the original mail-out letter from the Kate Bush Club/Homeground, along with one of the original invite tickets for the event, which were only sold by mail through the Kate Bush Club and Homeground.

The event was attended by Kate's friends, family members and even Kate herself put in an appearance for a couple of hours. 


Official four page convention programme held on November 17, 1990 by the KBC/Homeground. The programme measures just over 8" by just over 11½" and includes a facsimile letter from Kate, a run down of events and photos.

Original convention ticket, measuring 7¼” x 3½”.

Official 1990 Convention Badge


Official four page convention programme held on May 8, 1994 by the KBC/Homeground. The programme measures 11¾” x 8¼” closed and 11¾” x 16½” when fully opened. The front and outer back page features two black & white photos of Kate, and the inside includes a facsimile message by kate on one side, and a write up about the Red Shoes and other things on the other side.

Original ticket for the '94 convention. The Homeground address is stamped on the back of it.

KBC/Homeground info letter that was sent out at the same time as the tickets to any person attending the '94 convention.

Official 1994 Convention Badge.


Although I already have this posted in the Kate Bush Club Blog Page, I thought I'd list it here as well just to be as accurate as possible. The very first Kate Bush Club Convention took place on May 10, 1980. Listed below is an original ticket and badge from that event.

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