Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cathy's Home Demos - CD Bootleg

I still remember how badly I wanted to find any CD or vinyl record years ago that had the demos on it. They were so hard to come by, and it used to make me mental trying to find them. So when I found this CD back in the '90s it really did feel like I had struck gold in a way because it was like having a lot of new Kate songs... even if they were only demos.

With the internet being the way that it is now, you can find these things so easily. We didn't have that luxury then. Everything was like a treasure hunt that sometimes lasted years. There's a site on the net, which I'm sure most people are familiar with. But if not, it features all of these demos, plus quite a few others. The interesting thing is that someone "cleaned up" a lot of them, so you don't hear the crackles, pops and hisses like you do on this CD. Check the site out here. They're MP3 format, so everything can be downloaded.

But anyway, getting back to this CD for a moment. If I remember correctly, this wasn't exactly cheap at the time, but that tended to be a given with bootlegs. The front and back of the insert is actually quite cheap, and surprisingly, the inside is a full colour photo, which is better quality than the front and back of the insert sleeve.

I would suggest passing on this and all other CDs that have the demos only because people don't really need to seek this out anymore, not when the demos are available online. These things are just as expensive now as they were back in the day, and in some cases even more expensive.

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