Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Woman's Work - UK CD Single

The UK CD single features the same tracks as the UK 12" Single. However, unlike the 12" Single, or even the 7" picture sleeve single, the CD single doesn't feature the printed lyrics to This Woman's Work anywhere on it. Personally, I think they could have easily printed them on the inside of the insert, which is left blank.

This release also comes in an extra thin CD case. I like them only for the fact that they take up less room.

One of the biggest annoyances with a lot of these CD single inserts is staining problems. This insert in particular becomes easily stained with fingerprints, so if you have to handle the insert take it out very carefully because rubbing out the fingerprints is nearly impossible.

Lastly, regarding Be Kind To My Mistakes. In case anyone is wondering, it's NOT the Castaway version. It's the exact same version you find on all of Kate's releases. As I've mentioned on quite a few posts now, you're only going to get the Castaway version by finding the soundtrack of the film or the German promo release - all other official releases are the overly edited version.

The CD didn't scan too well. After five attempts I gave up on it.

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