Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Before The Dawn: UK First Issue Quadruple LP Box Set Release

I just realized when I posted the CD version of this back in December 2016, I neglected to post any of the LP release - except for one measly photo, which you can already find on the CD post. Even though I decided right from the start to keep the LP version sealed, I thought I'd post the outer jacket and spine(s) anyway.

This one also comes stickered on the front just like the CD release. It's the only thing that has Kate's name on it. The front and back design layout are also the same as the CD release. If you're still looking for the KT logo on the cover of this one, don't give up. The boots will lead the way ; )

The packaging spine is identical to the CD spine. It surprises me a little that Kate's name or the KT Fellowship isn't included on either version of the spine.

From the other "spine" side you can see the four LP releases, along with a large version of the booklet.

While my copy is sealed, I can tell you that each section of the inlay design found on the CD release acts as a front cover for each LP. On the back of each LP is the seabed design by Timorous Beasties. Surprisingly, each LP also has an inner sleeve. Each of these inner sleeves have the same mottled coloured effect found on the back of the tour programme - it's even on the record labels. Lastly, there are no messages scratched into the run off vinyl on any of the records.

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