Thursday, November 23, 2017

Lionheart - Official 1978 Promotional Umbrella

I've only taken one photo of this, which I will explain about after my umbrella rant.

This official umbrella was produced in 1978 to promote the release of Lionheart. Only a handful of these were manufactured by EMI, and these days it's considered very rare. It's one of the more sought after items, and one of the more expensive. It now easily fetches in the excess of £300 - not cheap.

The covering is made up of 8 nylon panels of alternating brown and cream colour sections, with alternating Lionheart and Kate Bush text in opposite colour against the panels. The non-collapsible crook handle and tube are made out of wood - possibly bamboo. It has a length of 35" total, with a diameter of 31" when the umbrella is opened.

Even though I would have liked to have taken a lot more photos of this, since my camera isn't great to start with, I'm happy enough with the one shot I did get - even despite the fact that it was a nightmare cutting the background out. To be honest, I was never intending to ever post this... at least not for the foreseeable future anyway, and until I can get it in a more stabilized condition. My umbrella is not in good shape anymore. Most likely it's my own fault for using it so much throughout the '90s. What you can't see is that the framing on the opposite side is in very bad shape and starting to collapse at some of the stretcher joints, and I actually took a very huge risk just opening it up to take a photo of it. Eventually I will get it properly repaired, but it isn't in the cards at the present time.

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