Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hounds of Love - USA 7" Promo Single

U.S. 7” promo single for Hounds of Love. There are a couple of interesting things about this one, which I’ll get to in a minute.

The picture sleeve design is pretty much the same to the Canadian release, but with a few minor differences. If you want to check out the Canadian picture sleeve, you can right here.

Although this is a promo release, they actually used a standard commercial release sleeve for this, so you won’t see any “promo” or “not for sale” stamps on the sleeve itself. I find that a little amusing considering the b-side listed on the sleeve is Burning Bridge, but on the actual promo record the b-side is an “extended” version of Hounds of Love.

The other interesting thing is the so called “extended” version itself on the b-side. All you’re getting here is the full version of Hounds of Love… then, before it ends, it starts repeating again from the start for a little while and cuts to the ending. It’s nothing to get excited about. Believe me.

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