Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sat In Your Lap - Canadian 7" Single

The Canadian release for Sat In Your Lap uses the exact same artwork that's found on the UK release. However, the quality of the paper between them is like night and day. The Canadian release uses extremely cheap quality paper, which causes the sleeve to rip quite easily. The artwork on the back of the sleeve is slightly cut off due to the blank side borders that have been created on this release. If anyone wants to see how much of the artwork is lost because of these borders, you can check out the UK release right here.

The other really annoying thing about this particular sleeve, which was also common with a lot of Canadian sleeves back in the day, is that the back of the sleeve was cut shorter all the way across, leaving this useless and exposed strip at the top front of the sleeve. This made it even more easier for picture sleeves to become damaged.

The other interesting thing are the record labels. When I originally picked this one up about 100 years ago, I was surprised to see that they used the exact same picture labels as the UK release, along with the exact same typeface. I guess they had some extra money in their budget that year.

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