Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sensual World - Japan White Label 7" Promo Single

Japanese white label promo 7” single for The Sensual World. It came with this nice little picture insert, which isn't elaborately done like some of the early Japanese releases were - but I like it because it isn't a straight copy of the single artwork, which is something that was happening with the later Japanese releases and why I did eventually give up on collecting them. The front of the insert also features quite a bit of Japanese text. I have absolutely no clue what any of it says, so sorry about that. It looks nice though.

The back of the insert has the lyrics for both The Sensual World and Walk Straight Down The Middle in English. It also features a little photo of the album cover and some more Japanese text underneath – presumably album info.

Unlike the regular Japanese releases, which came in a green Toshiba EMI company sleeve, white label promo singles tended to come in plain white sleeves.

This promo is commonly stated as being really rare, but I've got to wonder how much truth there is to that fact. Personally, I think someone slightly exaggerated along the way. I’m ALWAYS seeing this one turning up for sale on the internet, so I don’t think it's nearly as rare as people claim it is. I have a real problem with the word "rare", especially when it's overused too much... and in this case I definitely feel it has been.

Although this promo single probably wouldn't be cheap to buy now, you wouldn't have much problem finding this one anywhere on the internet… that's how rare it is.

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