Thursday, October 25, 2012

Passing Through Air - CD Bootleg

I should point out that there's also a bootleg LP with the exact same title and cover artwork, but with completely different material on it - so don't get the CD and LP confused with each other or think they're the same - they aren't. If you want to check out the LP bootleg and see what’s on it, check my blog post for it right here if you haven't already.

This is another CD that contains some of the demos, but not all of them. As I've said before, if you really need to get one of these things then look for Cathy’s Home Demos as that one probably contains the most demos on one CD. You can also view that one right here.

Also keep in mind, despite it saying “Digital Recordings" on the back of the CD case and on the CD itself, none of this stuff has been remastered or cleaned up in any way. This is just another straight transfer from vinyl records, with lots of crackles and pops. Also, you’ll notice that the last track on the CD is ‘Another Day’. Just to be clear, this is not a demo version. It’s taken directly from the Christmas Special with the clapping cut out. I guess this was their sad attempt at making it “demo-like”.

Despite the fact that this is just a bootleg, the artwork and inserts on this one are really nice.

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