Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stand Up and Talk - Die-Cut 7" Interview Picture Disc

7” interview picture disc that's been die-cut and made from clear vinyl. What makes this all the more interesting and unique is its size and shape. Due to the size of the photo used, it really has 10” vinyl proportions at its longest points.

The photo used for this picture disc is a stunning one, and I'm sure my camera did a lousy job of capturing it. Personally, I think this picture disc is one of the most interesting ones that has ever been put out for Kate. What’s even more cool is that it comes with a specially made plinth so that you can stand it up and have it as a display piece… not that I personally would because that’s a great way to get it ruined with dust and other crap floating around in the air. It would be perfect for an enclosed glass cabinet though. I've kept one of my original photos so you can see how it stands with the plinth. The downside to the plinth??? It's very, very wonky. The record isn't very secure in the plinth at all, so if you intend to display it, moving it a fraction of an inch causes the record to go flying off all over the place. Although I haven't tested it, I sort of suspect that certain floor movements or even certain vibrations would cause the record to fall from the plinth as well. It's a nice idea which really sucks, unfortunately, and I'm sure the odd shape of the record is to blame for it.

It comes in a stickered clear plastic sleeve and it’s also numbered. 1,500 of these were made, and even though this is another unofficial release, I think this thing is very cool. As for the interview... Surprisingly, it's one that I've never heard before. It's not to say other people haven't. It's a nice little interview from The Sensual World era, where Kate talks about some of the tracks from the album, some of the inspiration behind some of the songs and how she spent a whole year trying to obtain permission from the Joyce estate to use a passage from Ulysses. The interview was a nice little surprise for me because I expected it to be a rehash of things I've heard a million times already on other interview discs.

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