Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If You Could See Me Fly - CD Bootleg

There's also a bootleg LP with this exact same title, but with different artwork and completely different material on it. I saw it once in a shop a long, long time ago, but I passed on buying it. So don't get the two confused with each other because they're totally different.

Anyway, this is another compilation of demo tracks. I picked this one up about a year before I decided to give up the collecting thing for good… so around 1999. I didn’t really need this one at that point, since I had all the demos several times over, but I bought it anyway because that’s how bad the collecting thing had become for me. Everything and anything I saw I had to buy.

For a bootleg the packaging on this one is nice though. On the back of the CD and on the CD itself it says “Digital Recordings”. Don’t be fooled by this. This hasn’t been digitalized or remastered in any way, shape or form. It’s just a straight transfer from vinyl bootlegs, with pops and crackles included. If you have to buy one of these CD bootlegs with the demos on it, look for Cathy’s Home Demos, which you can see right here. That CD seems to have the most amount of demos on it

The insert on this one is really nice.

As I've mentioned quite a few times already in other posts, people really don’t need to look for this stuff anymore because you can easily find all the demos on the internet. These things were more relevant back in the day because there was no internet, so it was the only way to get this stuff. Bootlegs are expensive - they were expensive then, and they're just as expensive now. Save your money.

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