Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rubberband Girl - U.S. CD Single

U.S. Columbia Records CD single for Rubberband Girl. I probably like this release a little bit better than the UK release for a couple of reasons.

The insert is a double-sided single page which falls out pretty easily. The front uses the UK cover and the opposite side has the lyrics.

Unlike the UK release, the U.S. release came in a standard sized jewel case. The inlay tray is a sort of beige/off white colour, which was common with the U.S. releases. I've kept one of my original photos so that you can see this.

The CD also uses the same artwork that's found on the UK release, but in this case it has a sort of positive/negative effect instead.

I like this release for the simple fact that it was one of the few to feature Show a Little Devotion and Home For Christmas. Show a Little Devotion never got a UK release until the CD Single for Moments of Pleasure was released, and Home For Christmas only got a release on the UK 12” Single for Moments of Pleasure.

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