Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Kick Inside - Japan CD Album (1990 release)

This is the original 1990 Japanese ‘PASTMASTERS’ release for The Kick Inside. There is an Obi-strip that goes with this one, as is the case with all Japanese releases, but I used to take these off the CDs and pack them away separately so they wouldn't get destroyed. Eventually I'll find it again.

This release carries the same cover artwork that's found on the original 1978 Japanese LP release, but the artwork on the back of the inner insert and CD tray insert is completely different.

The inside of the CD insert is completely blank, but houses an unfolding biography/lyric sheet. These aren't as nice as the LP ones. The paper is quite thin and doesn't feature any photos like you see on the LP ones. The creases and folds in the paper can't be helped. They are the original manufactured creases, and I definitely don't unfold these very often as that tends to create more wear.

Unlike most of the Japanese releases today, which come in a little cardboard sleeve, this release came in a proper, clear jewel case. The CD itself is plain black and all the writing is in English.

Japanese releases tend to be more sought after as a given. The CD and LP pressings tend to have superior sound quality, but they also tend to be more costly.

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