Monday, April 16, 2012

Hounds of Love - U.S.A Marble Cassette

This is the limited edition marbleized cassette version for Hounds of Love, which came out in 1985 at the same time as the pink and grey marble LP was released. I found this cassette in ’86 by chance. I only ever came across this once, and I remember paying a pretty penny for it in a specialty shop back in the day, so it wasn't easy to find even then. I should also point out that the limited edition banner that you see on the front isn't part of the cover. It's just the original sticker from the shrink wrap plastic that I saved and keep in there.

Since this is the first cassette that I'm transferring over as a scanned format, I decided to scan the insert in sections as I didn't know how large or small it would look if I did it all in one scan. Plus, this will give me a better idea of what I'll need to do with cassette inserts that are much longer.

I really have no idea how many of these were made but, in some ways, I have always really liked this cassette a bit more than the Canadian and U.S marble LPs that came out at the time because I think the marbleized effect is more prominent and successful here. 

Apart from the marble effect of the cassette itself, everything else is pretty much normal with this release.

I don't feel the scans of the cassette have done it any justice, so I'm including a few of the original photos that I had on this post before.

It might also be interesting to note the misspelling of Cloudbusting on the cassette and the insert.

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