Monday, March 25, 2013

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) - UK Promo CD Single

This is the official 2012 UK promo CD for Kate’s remix of Running Up That Hill, which was also used at the closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics.

Like the promo CD for Wild Man, this promo is also just a cheap folded piece of paper - so it really needs to be kept in a protective sleeve, otherwise the CD has nothing to rest inside of.

The front artwork on the insert is very nice – it’s simple, yet striking. The Fish People logo can be found on the back of the insert in colour, and also at the bottom of the CD itself.

I've seen this promo CD turn up on the internet as two different promo releases. The picture insert version, like you see here, but also another version that comes in a simple plain white insert that has a basic typeset on the front with the EMI logo in the upper left-hand corner. 

The CD didn't scan as well as I would have liked, so I'm keeping one of my original photos here as I think it shows it a little better.

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