Friday, March 22, 2013

4 Sucessos - Brazil 7" Single (4 Track EP)

Released in 1978, this Brazilian 7” single (4 track EP) features 3 songs from Lionheart and 1 song from The Kick Inside. It’s also another very rare picture sleeve that’s extremely difficult to come by these days.

This is another stunning picture sleeve of Kate, which is made from thick card stock. The front artwork is also repeated on the reverse side of the sleeve. The photography on this one is also by Gered Mankowitz, in case anyone is wondering about that.

In total, Brazil issued four different 4 track EP singles. Two of these were exclusively Kate EPs (you can see the other one right here). The other two EPs were a mix of various artists, and Kate had one track featured on each of these EPs. All four of these EPs are extremely difficult to find now, but the two Kate ones have become the most difficult to find. When they do pop up, you can expect to pay some money for them.

Take note of how 'Symphony in Blue' is misspelled on the record label, yet it's correctly spelled on the picture sleeve.

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