Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rubberband Girl - France One Track Promo CD

This is a one track promo single for Rubberband Girl that was made in France. It comes in a thin card sleeve, which uses the same artwork that's found on the UK release. However, this photo has been blown up significantly with the remainder of the photo cropped out. Also, because the photo has been blown up more, it's also not as sharp or defined as the one on the UK release.

The back of the sleeve is plain blue with distribution information, etc. Both the front and back of the sleeve, as well as the CD, lists this version of Rubberband Girl as a 'Radio Mix'. Basically, this is just a nice way of saying it's an edited down version. When Kate gets to the line in the song where she says, 'Here I go...', the track fades out very quickly at that point - so about the last minute of the song is cut off.

I think this promo is one of the more difficult ones to come by these days as there weren't a lot of them made,

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