Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cloudbusting - Japan 12" Single

The Japanese 12" for Cloudbusting is a good example of how later releases really lost their individual uniqueness. Everything that made a Japanese release a "Japanese release" was literally gone by this point. Even the obi-strips had become minimal and lost their appeal to me. While I collected a few more singles after this point, this was the very last full sized vinyl record I ever bothered to get.

By the time Hounds of Love was released Japanese releases began to mimic the UK releases more and more. Not only did this include the LP releases, but also CD and Cassette as well. You can see how the Cloudbusting sleeve literally mimics the UK version. Any Japanese text is downplayed and kept to a minimal size on the back.

While this one-sided insert is for just a 12" single release, you can see how drastically they've changed in comparison to much earlier ones.

Even the record labels are completely devoid of any Japanese text by this point. If it wasn't for the red circular printing around the label, you wouldn't even know where this record was from.

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