Friday, November 11, 2011

Butterfly Kisses - CD Bootleg

Butterfly Kisses is one of the last bootleg CDs I ever picked up, but it's also one of my absolute favourite ones. For a bootleg it's pretty nice quality overall - not only the packaging, but also the sound quality. All the tracks are live and come from various TV and concert performances.

What's even more nice are the CD inserts, which are full colour (except for the inner booklet ones) and done on pretty decent quality paper. It's pretty amazing, considering how some of the older CD bootlegs have really cheap quality inserts. I have one bootleg poked somewhere called 'Backsides', and the insert quality on that is so bad it almost looks like cheap photocopies.

This one has become quite rare and extremely difficult to find. It still turns up, but not often... and you can probably expect to pay a nice little chunk of money for it. It's also not surprising as this is really one of the nicer bootlegs that was manufactured. It's worth getting if you can find it for a decent price.

If you haven't noticed by now, the title is slightly altered on the CD. The booklet and insert list the title as "Butterfly Kisses", but on the CD it reads "Butterfly Kiss". Bootlegs are notorious for their blunders, but it's the right CD in case anyone is wondering about that.

Even though the tracks are listed on the back insert, I should point out there are a few more tracks on this CD that aren't listed here. I can't remember which ones they are offhand, but most likely they weren't listed for the simple fact that they ran out of room.

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