Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Woman's Work - UK 12" Single Poster Sleeve

The UK 12" single for This Woman's Work had two releases. One was a standard release in a picture sleeve, and the other was a fold out poster sleeve with a different poster on each side. There are a couple of exterior differences between the two. The picture on the front of this one is extended and has no border like the standard release. Also, the lyrics for This Woman's Work aren't printed on the back of this one like they are on the standard release. Instead, they're part of one side of the poster. The tracks on both versions are exactly the same and don't differ in any way.

If you've read any of my other posts regarding poster sleeve releases, then you'll know that I'm genuinely not a fan of them. While the concept of a poster sleeve is an interesting one, they're also very problematic. They're easily susceptible to all types of damage, even if you're being extra careful with them. They just don't have anywhere near the same stability as a normal picture sleeve does. I don't know what kind of paper they use on some of these releases, but this one is especially prone to fingerprint marks, which are near impossible to remove.

The record comes in a separate plain black sleeve, which is also very susceptible to fingerprint marks, and that just slides into the folded poster. The sliding of the sleeve in and out of the poster also causes stress and wear along the fold lines, and doing that too often will cause the poster to rip.

I've managed to get one side of the poster done for these new scans, but doing the other side was literally impossible. I tried several times, but none of it was lining up for me and eventually I just had to give up on the idea.

There are no messages scratched into the run off vinyl of this release.

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