Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love and Anger - UK 12" Single

The UK 12" for Love and Anger features KEN, one of the best songs ever to be written. And yes, I'm kidding. When I originally got this back in 1990, I was a bit excited three new songs were included. That quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered two of them were instrumentals - but the real pisser for me was Ken. That one is definitely at the top of my most awful songs list.

Unlike the limited edition 7" gatefold release that comes with a little booklet, this one comes with nothing. The sleeve is also quite flimsy.

This contains the album version of Love & Anger, minus the laughter at the end. The B-Side tracks are also included on This Woman's Work box set (minus 'The Confrontation'). There are also no messages scratched into the vinyl.

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