Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moments of Pleasure - UK CD Single

UK CD single for Moments of Pleasure. I mainly got this one at the time for the new track, which was Show A Little Devotion. It was an elusive track, like Home For Christmas, and they didn't turn up on too many of the releases. The info sticker is on the CD case and not the insert. I left it there ever since I got it in 1993. The problem with these stickers is that over time the glue from underneath sort of seeps to the surface and gives them a sort of greasy look.

The cover art is a still from The Line, The Cross and the Curve, and I think it's hilarious Kate would use this as the cover. The same cover is also featured on the UK 12" single and CD box set single.

The insert is folded in half. The other side is completely blank, so I didn't see the point of scanning that in.

The CD, which is a picture disc, comes in a very thin jewel case.

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