Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eat The Music - U.S. CD Single

Eat The Music was the first release in the U.S. on Columbia Records for The Red Shoes album. Interestingly enough, Eat The Music was originally supposed to be the first UK release as well, until it was pulled at the last minute in favour of Rubberband Girl instead.

The insert on this one is a single page, which also falls out very easily. The front has some fantastic artwork that I've always liked, and the back of the page has the printed lyrics.

I also like the effect with the CD being half picture disc and half black. It's something different, and I'm sure my scan isn't giving it any justice at all.

Even though I haven't listened to this one in a very long time, I could have done without the remix for Eat The Music. Coming in at almost 9½ minutes, it really does drag on. I also could have done without Candle In The Wind, especially as it turns up on several other releases. 

It's worth picking up though, especially if you don't have it and you're trying to complete your CD singles. The U.S. one is probably your best bet since this never got an official release in the UK. I know this got released in Australia as a 'Scratch & Sniff' card sleeve, but that one tends to be quite costly these days.

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