Friday, February 1, 2013

And So Is Love – Canadian 1 Track Promo CD Single

This is a very rare Canadian 1 track promo CD single for And So Is Love. If I recall correctly, not a lot of these were made, so it's definitely a difficult one to find. When you consider that this was the only physical CD release for this single in Canada, even just as a promo, it makes it that much more rare. This was a hard one to find at the time, and it's much harder to find these days. If you do happen to come across it, be prepared to pay stupid amounts of money for it because this one will cost you.

This one came in a standard sized CD case. The insert on this one is nice. This is the same photo that's found in the album insert for The Red Shoes, but the photo is a cropped close up on Kate’s face. It’s a stunning photo. The insert is also a single page with nothing on the reverse side.

The back CD insert is fairly plain and has some basic info on the track and the distribution information. The CD itself is also fairly basic with some distribution information on it. 

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