Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rocket Man - Japanese CD Single 'Snap-Pack'

Rocket Man was Kate’s second Japanese CD single release, which was issued in a long snap-pack case. For those of you that don’t know what a snap-pack is, it simply means that the packaging can be literally snapped and folded into a small square, rather than being left in its original 6.5” x 3.25” shape... which is the way it was originally sold. This type of CD single packaging is exclusive to Japan only, so you aren't going to see it anywhere else. As you can see, the packaging on mine has never been snapped and remains in its original intact size.

The front of the snap-pack uses the same artwork that's found on the UK release, but with the addition of some cool Japanese writing on the cover. The inside of the front cover has the lyrics for Rocket Man printed in both Japanese and English text.

The inlay tray for the CD, which is a 3” CD by the way, is divided horizontally at the halfway mark. This is where you can snap it, obviously, if you choose to. Personally, I think it would be quite stupid to snap these things due to their overall uniqueness. I also totally apologize if the CD is a little difficult to see.

The back portion of the CD cover features another photo of Kate, along with some distribution info in both English and Japanese. Unlike the UK 12” or CD single, the Japanese release doesn't feature the instrumental version of Candle In The Wind, which is no great loss if you ask me.

I've left one of my original photos here so that you can get a side look at the overall thickness of the packaging.

Snap-packs can be pretty scarce to come by, especially in an unsnapped condition.

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