Monday, March 11, 2013

The Red Shoes - USA Promotional Press Pack

U.S. promo press pack by Columbia Records for Kate's 1993 album 'The Red Shoes'. It includes a two page fact sheet which, in my opinion, is a very basic one. It also comes with one 8x10 black and white promotional photo. Personally, I prefer the colour version of this photo, but black and white photos are still stunning nevertheless.

As I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog, press packs and press kits are distributed to radio stations or news media for promotion of an artist and his/her new album. These types of promotional items have become more highly sought after, and in many cases are more increasingly difficult to find because of their rarity. Press packs, like the one you see here, are usually more basic... but press kits are usually more elaborate, like this UK one for Hounds of Love, which you can see right here.

Watch out for people that sell promotional press photos by themselves; either multiples of the same photo or different individual ones. Chances are that these are nicely done homemade printer copies and not the real deal.

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