Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hounds of Love - Canadian LP

When I originally posted this one, which was well over a year ago, it was posted along with the original UK release as sort of a comparison thing. But, looking back on some older posts like that, I realized a couple of important things: Posting multiple items in a photo not only makes your photos look smaller because you have to stand back more, but it’s also more difficult to show any proper detail on any release that way. And so, I decided to re-edit my old post and make that one exclusively for the UK release, which you can look at here. Unfortunately, the original URL still comes up as "Hounds of Love Original UK and Canadian release", but that is no longer the case. This one will now be a new post for the Canadian version of the LP. I do still have a few older posts that need fixing, in my opinion… but I’m getting there.

But anyway…

The Canadian record jacket for Hounds of Love has pretty much the same design layout as the UK release. The really unfortunate part is how much more cheap it is in its construction. The Canadian jacket isn't nearly as thick as the UK record jacket, so it's much more flimsy. The front photo, like the UK one, is also laminated. However, the photo on the Canadian cover is far inferior to the UK one. The photo is clearly more faded - almost washed out looking, whereas the UK one is more vibrant and truer in colour.

The Canadian release also features the same inner lyric sleeve as the UK release, but with some very obvious differences. The Canadian sleeve is made from a cheaper type of flimsy paper, whereas the UK inner sleeve is made from a more thicker card stock. The photos on the inner sleeve are also the same. But again, the ones on the Canadian version are more of a poor man's copy. In a way, it's really sad to see how much the quality can vary on something from country to country.

both versions of the record feature the same white labels and style of writing. The only real difference between them are things like the catalogue numbers and distribution information.

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