Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gered Mankowitz - ‘80s Greeting Cards featuring Kate Bush

This is a limited edition set of greeting cards sold by the Richard Goodall Gallery through Amazon UK, featuring photography by Gered Mankowitz and some '70s & ‘80s artists that he photographed at the time. Kate is included in this set, and it’s basically the main reason why I chose to get this.

This is a 4 card set. None of the cards are sold individually through Amazon, so you can’t pick and choose the ones you want or don’t want. So if you don't like Wham or the Jam you're pretty much stuck with them if you want the Kate one.

Each card is limited to a printing run of 500 copies each, so once they’re gone they’re gone for good. Each card also measures 16cm x 16cm (roughly 6.25" x 6.25" closed) and I have to say that they’re very nice quality, especially when you take into consideration how cheap the price is for the set, which was £10. If you live outside of the UK, like I do, there will be shipping charges - obviously! But it’s still extremely cheap.

Each card is also individually sealed in clear cellophane and comes with its own envelope, so you can send these out to people if you want - obviously you don’t have to. It’s just there as an option. The inside of each card is also completely blank, so if you choose to use them and send them out to people, you can basically write whatever you want inside of them. When I originally bought this, I purchased two sets - one for opening and one to keep sealed.

The back of each card also features a smaller version of the front photo, along with a facsimile autograph by Gered Mankowitz. The music artist is also listed on each card, as well as where the photo was taken and the year. There is also a website and email address listed on the back of each card for the Richard Goodall Gallery in the UK.

I would recommend getting a set if you can. They really are nice cards, and it’s something a little different and unique. They would also look great framed on a wall if you wanted to do that.

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