Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hounds of Love - Canada LP First Issue Pressing

The Canadian record jacket for Hounds of Love pretty much has the same design layout as the UK release. The really unfortunate part is that it's much more cheaply made. The Canadian jacket isn't nearly as thick as the UK record jacket, so it's much more flimsy. The front photo, like the UK one, is also laminated. However, the photo on the Canadian cover is far inferior to the UK one. The photo is clearly more faded, almost washed out looking, whereas the UK one is more vibrant and truer in colour. I actually had to brighten it up here - that's how dull it is.

The inner sleeve also has the same printed lyrics and photos as the UK release, but with some very obvious differences. It's made from a cheaper type of flimsy paper, whereas the UK inner sleeve is made from a thicker card stock. The photos on the inner sleeve also appear more faded than the ones on the UK version.

The Canadian release also features record labels nearly identical to the UK ones. The only real differences here are things like catalogue numbers and distribution information.

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