Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hounds of Love - Japanese LP

This is the original Japanese vinyl release for Hounds of Love. This might also be the last Japanese LP that I own. I'm not sure, so don't quote me on it. I did give up on the Japanese LP releases fairly quickly because, apart from The Kick Inside, the remaining albums were literally identical to the UK releases in terms of their design layout, so I basically didn't see the point. Back in the day, whether it was Kate Bush or a different artist, I was really only after things that were different or unique to its original release, so I really didn't see the logic in literally buying the same thing over and over again... if that makes sense to anyone reading this.

I apologize if my photos are a little blah as I probably didn't take these in the best light. As you can see with the album jacket, it's literally the same to the UK release, with some very minor differences. I suppose the only REAL difference is on the back, with the pasted on info square thing in the upper left-hand corner. I have no idea what this says, and I have no idea what the number is in reference to. Maybe someone out that that reads and understands Japanese can let us know?? There is also some Japanese writing at the very bottom on the back of the jacket, and the Obi-Strip is fully intact. Obi-Strips, as I've mentioned before, are always featured on Japanese LPs. If you ever come across a Japanese release, regardless of whether it's Kate or another artist, and the Obi-Strip is missing or badly destroyed, don't waste your money getting it. A missing or badly destroyed Obi-strip can really devalue the album because it's not complete. You might get some shoddy dealer that will tell you that something like that doesn't matter, but oh yes... it does!

The album insert for the album is exactly the same. There is a bit of Japanese writing at the bottom on the Ninth Wave side. Again, sorry if it's a bit blurry. Besides the normal insert, this also comes with an extra Japanese insert. It's a double sided single sheet all in Japanese writing, with the addition of small photos of Kate's other albums on the front side.

The album labels are pretty much the same, with the only difference being the catalogue number and a tiny bit of Japanese writing.

So, as you can see, the Japanese releases of Kate's later albums really are less appealing due to their almost identical nature.

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