Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Kick Inside - UK First Issue

UK first issue release of The Kick Inside came in a laminated sleeve. There's also no barcode on the back of the record jacket, which you will find on the FAME reissue.

The Kick Inside is the only album of Kate's to feature six completely different covers. The other countries include: Japan, USA, Canada, Yugoslavia and Uruguay.

First issue pressings also have the inscription "Remember Yourself!" in he run off vinyl on Side A. Reissues do not have this message.

Another interesting thing about the inscription is that some of them are misspelled. Some first issue copies will say "Rember Yourself!" and others will say "Remember Yourself!" A misspelling of the word "Remember" occurred when they first started scratching the message into the vinyl, so it's unknown how many copies were pressed and released with the misspelling. Whether you have the misspelling or the corrected one doesn't really matter as they're both first issue releases.

Here's how they both look:

Corrected Spelling.

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