A Lioness at Heart (Book)

Printed in 1992, this book was only ever available through the unofficially released box set “A Lioness at Heart”.

Originally, I wanted to scan this book in a very long time ago for those who have never seen it. However, this would have been impossible for two reasons. 1. My scanner isn’t big enough to fully scan each page, which means I would have to scan everything twice, then piece it altogether. 2. I would literally have to destroy my book (or at least the spine) to get this scanned in… and I’m definitely not doing that.

I decided that taking a photo of each page would be the best option in this case, and although it isn’t perfect, it does give you all a chance to see all the great photographs by Gered Mankowitz and written text inside. Just remember to open each page up in a new window to get the full picture.

If this proves to be a “success”, then I’ll consider copying the other book the same way – the one that came with the Never For Ever boxset. So look at this as a test run.

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