The Best of Kate Bush (Book)

Ok, so I finally decided to make a sad attempt at scanning this book in. It was a bit tricky to do, and some pages did come out a little wonky because I didn’t want to destroy the spine of my book to do perfect scans.

As for the book itself… it's a large softcover book that measures 12" x 9", and it does tend to be a little more difficult to find these days. It’s not impossible to find, but still a bit more difficult. You can probably expect to pay a little bit of money for it as well. The book contains lyrics and sheet music to 13 of Kate’s songs. Even though I don’t do sheet music, I remember picking up the book originally because it had a lot of fantastic photos of Kate… and it’s the only reason why I got it. Although the book indicates a total of 64 pages, that’s not exactly correct. The colour photos at the beginning of the book haven’t been included with the page numbering system, so there’s actually 72 pages to this book.

The full contents of this book are shown in this blog page. As I mentioned earlier on, some of it is a bit wonky… but I did my best.

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