In Aid of Bill Duffield - Tour Programme

Original tour programme for the Bill Duffield benefit concert that was put on by Kate and friends at the Hammersmith back in 1979. The programme is a fold-out type poster, which I've fully scanned and also taken photos of. The programme also came with a little letter insert from the Kate Bush Club, which has also been included here.

Below the programme is an original set of photographs that were taken by photographer Pete Still at the benefit concert. So check those out as well.


Bill Duffield Concert Photos - Hammersmith Odeon 12th May 1979

An original set of photographs taken by photographer Pete Still during the benefit concert for Bill Duffield at the Hammersmith Odeon back in 1979. What makes this set of photos unique is that it’s the only set of photos to have ever been developed from the original negatives back in ‘79. 

The set includes 15 photos total, and includes shots with Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley. The photos measure 5” x 3.5”.