Promotional Publicity Photographs

On this page you will find original publicity photographs that I have collected over the years. Some of these photos you will have seen before when I've listed various press sets, but others are being posted on this site for the first time.

Publicity photos were a marketing tool used to promote an artist and their work through various media outlets. Original publicity photographs have always been very desirable with collectors, but finding genuine ones these days can be difficult. They can also get costly, depending on their rarity and condition.

This is by no means a comprehensive list as there were many different publicity photographs produced through the years, including many variants of the same photos that were used by record companies in other countries. I will be adding more over time as well.

Unfortunately, I've had to tag these photographs for your own protection. Without the tags it would be very easy for anyone to print reproductions and fraudulently sell them as genuine.

To make things easier and uncomplicated, I will be posting photos by album era.

This photo was later reused for some promotion during The Dreaming, including the German Press Kit.

Interestingly enough, this photo was also used on dual combined publicity photos by the USA Network to promote Kate and other musical artists for Night Flight.

Rare colour publicity photograph with unique filmstrip background.

By the time the Red Shoes was released in the UK, both the size and quantity of the publicity photographs that accompanied the album had been greatly reduced. The press typically received 7"x5" versions of these photographs for various media outlets, but it also meant any standard 8"x10" issued press photographs were printed in very strict limited quantities. In fact, in some cases you can literally count on your hands how many copies of a particular photo was made in this size.

Due to these factors, UK press photos for the Red Shoes tend to be some of the rarer ones in general. The 7"x5" press versions are more likely to show up than many of the 8"x10" versions. The UK 8"x10" versions of the blackbird portrait and fruity dress are easily the rarest ones of the lot and nearly impossible to find.

7"x5" portrait version.

This one is pretty similar to the Columbia Records version, but with one significant difference. The photo on the UK version is cropped much differently, so a lot more of the background space is present in the shot. Even though my scanner didn't scan it too well, hopefully you can see what I mean when comparing it to the USA version. This one is also extremely rare and never seems to turn up online.

7" x 5" version.

Press Photo 8" x 10". Photo Credit: Anthony Crickmay. Pinholes in photo.

Press Photo 8" x 10". Photo Credit: Anthony Crickmay.

Press Photo 8" x 10". Photo Credit: Anthony Crickmay.

Press Photo 8" x 10". Photo Credit: Anthony Crickmay. Pinholes in upper corners.

Measuring 7" x 5" this is one of the very few colour produced publicity photos for Kate, and I've only seen this one turn up a few times in the last 20 years. I have no idea if it was ever issued in the standard 8" x 10" size or not.

Press Photo 8" x 10". Photo Credit: John Carder Bush. Photo damaged in corner.

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