Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Amiga - West Germany Cassette: Unknown Issue

Official cassette release of the Amiga album from West Germany.

This comes with a simple card insert and features a very cropped version of the LP artwork on the front. The border/doodle design is also absent on the cassette version, and the "Amiga" title has been moved to the far bottom and printed in black.

The opposite side of the insert is pretty basic with a reprinting of the album tracks and some distribution information.

As far as the cassette insert goes, I find this one to be of much lesser quality than most. Mine is also not in pristine condition, but I did my best to make it look presentable. Actually, the cassette labels are pretty cheap too.

Surprisingly, the cassette release is far more rare than the vinyl release and therefore more difficult to find. It's also had several reissues. Some cassette shells have a black back on them, like mine, but others are cream colour. Cassette labels can also vary. Apart from the one you see here, some are also a plain white with copper coloured printing, and I'm also aware of a blue coloured one similar to the colour of the vinyl record labels. I have absolutely no clue what issue this cassette is, and since there's virtually no information around about the cassette release (or how many reissues it's had), it makes it that much more difficult to place it.

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