Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Whole Story - Japan CD Release: First Issue 1986

It was by this point that Japanese CD albums really lost their visual appeal to me simply because there was little to no difference between them and other releases. That was always a huge selling feature to me in the beginning. However, I continued to buy them simply because the sound quality has always been far superior.

This one does come with an Obi-Strip, but it's packed away somewhere with the rest of them. From what I can remember, and this is just off the top of my head, it's a white strip with a mix of blue and black Japanese text on it.

Apart from the catalogue number on the front cover, and a tiny bit of Japanese text on the back page, the booklet is pretty much identical to most other releases.

The inlay insert has the same picture on all releases, but there are some differences between them. As far as I know, the original release is the only one to have a barcode printed on it. Most of the reissues dispense with the horizontal black stripes, and others have black vertical stripes along both spine areas.

A separate two page, double-sided insert is also included. The first side is a biography on Kate, and the other side has the English and Japanese printed lyrics for The Whole Story. I had to scan this in sections and piece it back together. Unfortunately, my patching job is kind of awful in some places. Sorry!

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