Thursday, February 11, 2016

Never For Ever - Japan Second Issue CD Release

Second issue Japanese release of Never For Ever under the Supermasters Series. This one does come with a Obi-strip, but it's poked away at the moment with all the others. I took them off all my CDs years ago so they wouldn't get destroyed - eventually I'll find them all again. What I can tell you about the strip for this one is that it's predominately blue/white/red and does differ to the one found on the first issue release.

One of the more interesting things about the earlier Japanese releases of Never For Ever is the cropped version of the album artwork. It's an interesting choice... if not a little odd. As far as I can recall, the full artwork is used on all other releases following this one.

The titles on the CD are printed using a different font from the first issue. The first issue release titles are more in keeping with the UK lettering. Also, apologies if the CD scanned a little wonky. I have a feeling my scanner might be wearing out on me.

The booklet appears to have some kind of bio on Kate, followed by the lyrics in both English and Japanese.

The insert for the inlay tray is interesting because it's the only CD release to not feature any of the backside artwork. All other Japanese CD releases do.

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