Monday, January 25, 2016

Eat The Music - UK 1 Track Promo CD Single

One track promo CD single that was issued in the UK. This one is pretty rare and it's estimated that only 50 copies were pressed. This one doesn't come with any sort of a insert or picture pocket sleeve - what you see is all you get.

What should have been and what there actually is:

The history behind the Eat The Music single is pretty fascinating. It was supposed to be the first single from The Red Shoes, but as it failed to gain any radio interest it was immediately scrapped and replaced with Rubberband Girl.

So, what should have been???

As far as the UK is concerned there should have been three releases: a 7" picture sleeve release, a 12" picture disc release and a CD single picture disc release. A cassette single release has been speculated about through the years, but there's never been any evidence that this was ever planned. As for the 12" picture disc, the final artwork was completed for this and even existed on paper, but that's as far as it went before the single was scrapped indefinitely.

What there actually is?

17 copies of the fully finished withdrawn 7" single got out of the pressing plant. This includes the full colour picture sleeve and picture labels on the single. It also has its original catalogue number, which was eventually reused for Rubberband Girl. And no, I don't have a copy myself. I did hold one in my hands many years ago, but I passed on buying it at the time as I thought the other person wanted too much money for it... little did I know. You literally have to sell your children now to afford this one.

5 copies of a white label test pressing also exists. It does include Big Stripey Lie as the B-side and also has the original catalogue number engraved in the run off area. Some consider this to be more rare than the picture sleeve release.

50 copies of a promo CD single, as I mentioned earlier, and there were also promo CD single releases in Germany and Mexico. Oddly enough, the Mexico promo was actually made in Canada. Details on the number of promos produced for Germany and Mexico are sketchy, but most likely these are also very limited quantities.

Side Rant: I just wanted to mention that this scan may not be the absolute best quality. I actually spent the better part of a full hour trying to get a half decent scan of it. If that sounds a bit nuts to you, it pretty much is. The problem is that these black coated CDs with the mirror-like letters don't seem to scan very well at all - or even photograph well for that matter. Light clearly interferes and causes distortions, and if you've seen my UK CD singles for the Sensual World, then you know what I'm talking about. But I did the best I could with this one.

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