Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Kick Inside - Uruguay Release

NOTE: This is one of my tester ideas for redoing album covers on here. I'm not even sure yet that I like how this particular one turned out, especially as the album jacket got slightly chopped off in the process... not to mention that the quality is less than I expected - so most likely I'll eventually redo this one another way. But since this is just one of a few ideas I have in mind, posting them to test them out just gives me a chance to see how I really feel about how it looks overall. So even though this is a real post, also look at it as a tester post.

The Uruguay cover is the last one to feature unique artwork for The Kick Inside, which also makes a total of six cover variants in all. This is also the hardest one to find, the most sought after and the most expensive of them all. It's also my personal opinion that the Uruguay cover is the least impressive one out of the six. The front artwork is done in black and white, and to be honest, it looks like a cheap 1970s photocopy.

The other interesting thing about this one is the back of the record jacket. Virtually every other release out there has the UK back sleeve printed onto it, which also includes the song lyrics - but as you can see this one doesn't. It's just plain with the song titles printed in Spanish and English. I have no idea if this one ever came with a separate insert with the lyrics printed onto it or not as I bought this second-hand years and years ago, but I highly doubt it.

The record labels are fairly identical to the UK ones at the time. Again, Spanish titles followed by English ones in brackets.

If you don't own this one, you might be wondering if it's worth getting or not. Truthfully, if you can live without it then don't bother. Apart from the different cover artwork, there's nothing else that's special about it. The fact of the matter is that you could be spending years looking for a copy. I can't even remember the last time I saw a copy, and I'm sure these days the vultures will want a fortune for it. When I got this copy back in the '90s it wasn't in the best condition to start with, especially the record labels, but it was the second, and only other time I ever came across a copy in person. As much as I hated paying the kind of money that I did for it, I'm also sure it easily goes for 3 times the amount these days.

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