Friday, May 29, 2015

King Of The Mountain - UK CD Single

Originally, I had the UK CD single and the Canadian CD single put together as a merged post, which looks awful. So this is now getting its own post for the first time.

When I first got this one back in 2005, I was more than a little disappointed with the overall quality of the packaging. Looking at it again, I'm still disappointed with it. The UK packaging is made from recycled materials and it shows. The ink quality is even less impressive, and I had to fiddle with the resolution on my scans to bring the images up more. It has a sort of washed out and faded effect, which I don't particularly like. In fact, it's a complete letdown to me.

Apart from the main card sleeve, the UK release also has an inner, slimmer card sleeve which houses the CD, and also made from recycled materials as well. One side features a photo of Kate and the other side has printed lyrics.

This one came with a picture disc, which is nice.

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