Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wuthering Heights - UK 7" Single: Reissue

The reissue picture sleeve differs considerably from the first issue sleeve. To start with, the reissue sleeve is paper, so it doesn't have the same durable quality as the first issue. The artwork is also not nearly as sharp, which also means that the colours are noticeably off when you compare the two together. On the back of the sleeve, the circular EMI logo has been replaced with a rectangular one. The G&L letters are also missing from the back, and the sleeve's opening has also been changed to a circular type cut-out.

Despite the fact that the paper record labels on the first issue and the reissue are virtually identical, you can easily tell them apart by checking the run off vinyl on the A Side. Reissues do not have any inscriptions etched into them.

The reissue version can also be found in the Single File box set.

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