Friday, April 17, 2015

The Man With The Child In His Eyes - UK 7" Single: Reissue

The reissue sleeve differs to the original release sleeve in very specific ways. Not only is it a cheap paper sleeve, but EMI decided to cut costs for the reissue sleeve by photocopying a first issue sleeve for it instead. It's a poor imitation, to be honest, and there are some key areas on the back of the sleeve that show this fact. The biggest giveaway are the folded edges along the sides. If you take a look at them, it almost appears as if each side has a double set of folded edges with one set of edges sticking out further than the other. When the original first issue sleeve was photocopied for the reissue, it also photocopied the original folded edges still in place, so when the new folded edges were cut and glued for the reissue, the original edge marks remained creating the illusion of a double set of folded edges.

A sad attempt has also been made to colour out the G&L letters on the reissue sleeve. If you look closely at the area, you will see that it's still faintly visible. I've also taken a blown up screen capture and circled the area in case it's difficult to see on the full scan.

Also, if you look at the bridge of Kate's nose on the reissue copy, you will clearly see a darkish rectangular shape. This is glue residue from a price sticker that was on a original first issue sleeve. So when it was photocopied it left this permanent mark, which can clearly be seen on every UK reissue for this single. The sleeve's opening has also been changed to a circular one.

The records and record labels on both the first issue and the reissue differ from one another. The record labels vary in colour slightly and also feature different typeset printing and positioning. The original release record has a punch-out centre, but the reissue has a solid centre. Also, there is no inscription on the run out vinyl on the A Side of the reissue.

The reissue can also be found in the Single File box set.

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