Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Babooshka - UK 7" Single: Reissue

The colour printing on this sleeve is inferior to the first issue. It's lighter and more noticeably washed out, especially on the back portion of the sleeve. On the back of the sleeve, the opening is a small circular cut-out, which is more rectangular in shape on the first issue. The folds of the sleeve run straight down to the bottom edge, whereas on the first issue they have angled cuts. Also, the fold on the right obscures the very tip of Kate's guitar, which is not the case on the first issue.

As the records are virtually identical to each other, you can really only tell them apart by the number of indented rings on the record label. If you pay close attention to the whole label, you will see what I'm talking about. On the first issue there are three indented rings. One is located on the outer perimeter of the punch out hole, the second (and more prominent one) is located at the inner part of the main portion of the label (closest to the punch out hole) and the last one is located at the outer edge of the label. The reissue only has one indented ring, which is located at the outer perimeter of the punch out hole. This is pretty much the only way you can identify the reissue from the first issue.

This reissue is also found in the Single File box set.

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