Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hounds of Love - Unofficial Cassette

As I mentioned in another post regarding unofficial cassette releases, it's fairly easy to tell the difference between these and legitimate releases in several ways. Unofficial cassettes tend not to have any distribution information printed anywhere on the insert or the cassette shell, which also includes copyrights, country of origin, etc. The artwork also tends to be severely altered in a number of different ways and this cassette is a good example of that. As you can see here the original artwork has been drastically enlarged, cropped and also acts as the wrap-around for the spine and back portions of the insert.

The other thing you'll notice right away on these unofficial cassettes is the number of spelling errors they typically have. Apparently Kate is "Walking" The Witch on this version, not to mention 'Watching You Watching Me', which sounds like drawn out staring contest. The other interesting thing is that The Morning Fog has been tacked onto the first side of the cassette - something you would never see on something official.

Even though I haven't listened to this cassette in some time, if I remember correctly, I think the transfer on this one may have come directly from an official cassette source... just a little lower quality though. You can't expect perfect quality from the majority of these cassettes, especially as the sound quality usually varies from one cassette to the next. But despite all of their flaws they can be interesting things to collect... if you're into collecting cassettes.

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