Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Sensual World - Promotional Campaign Poster Pack

This is a fairly rare UK double-sided fold out promotional poster and campaign info pack from 1989, consisting of photos and various information on one side and a poster on the other. The campaign page is a perforated info sheet that can easily be torn off from the rest of the fold out poster. It gives you a thumbnail sketch of the type of promoting materials that were used at the time, along with print ad and television appearances. It measures 13" x 9½” folded and 25½” x 18½” fully extended. The fully extended size doesn't include the attached info sheet into the measurement. As a stand-alone page it measures 13" x 9½”.

In these new scans I've tried breaking everything up into sections and showing you how it all pieces together.

These first three photos form the outer portion of the fold. The page with the lyric on it is actually the perforated campaign sheet that can be ripped off.

When unfolded in this position, the opposite side has these two pages.

Together they look like this.

When the poster is revealed, this section unfolds downwards and faces the front side upside down like this.

The poster side proved too impossible to scan as it was coming out very patchy when I tried piecing it together again. So, I took what I hope is a half decent photo of it. The campaign page is attached at the upper right-hand side of the poster.

Scan of the campaign page.

When this does turn up, which isn't very often at all, the campaign page is typically missing from it.

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