Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cathy Demos - Volume 1

This is volume one of a five volume set of 7" singles containing Kate's early unreleased demos. Finding a complete set of these today can be near impossible, but also prove to be extremely costly if you aren't careful. These are also supposedly limited edition to 600 pressed copies, but I really have my doubts about that. On the back of the sleeve, in the lower left-hand corner, there is supposed to be a limited edition number stamped. In most cases, the numbering system is completely hand numbered, but in other cases only the top number is hand printed and the bottom number is printed into the paper as part of the sleeve design. Then there are copies like mine where there's no numbering at all. I've seen quite a few of these over the years with no limited edition number attached to the sleeve, but it doesn't really matter either way as these are bootlegs, so limited edition numbers or not – it means squat!

Each volume has a different coloured vinyl and features fake scratch messages in the run off vinyl on both sides. The colour of this vinyl is red. The scratch messages are in no way official or done by Kate. The messages are:

Side 1: She smokes the blackest hash
Side 2: Fan fan, Cecile Jackie

It's been suggested that Cecile and Jackie are the two fans who created these bootlegs to begin with. I used to have more info about these two, but that part of my brain is totally fried.

Truthfully, these things aren't worth going after these days. They're hardly worth the money they sell for, and you could easily waste a lot of time searching them out. There are loads of bootleg CDs out there these days with all the demos on them, so there’s really no need to waste time or money on these things. Even better, go to this site “HERE” and download them all for free.  The person that posted the MP3s on there took the time to clean most of them up, and they sound much better than you could hope to get anywhere else.

I'm including one of my original photos with this post so that people can see how translucent the vinyl really is.

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